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Interventions Programme

The main remit of this programme is to evaluate NMAHP interventions, provide evidence of effectiveness, inform NMAHP practice and thereby improve patient outcomes.

The methodological work of the Interventions programme underpins evidence stages by improving effectiveness and efficiency. Progressive methodological approaches are used in the development and modelling of complex interventions within NMAHP clinical settings and maximising adherence to interventions so as to optimise impact.

Strategic aims:

  • To undertake research (primary, secondary and implementation research) which addresses the effectiveness of NMAHP interventions in the NMAHP RU’s priority areas, with the ultimate aim of achieving health gain for the Scottish population and beyond.
  • To undertake methodological research which improves our ability to successfully and efficiently evaluate NMAHP interventions and to maximise likely impact.
  • To engage in cross-programme working with the NMAHP RU’s Quality & Delivery of Care programme to enhance our research in the phases of intervention development and translation of evidence relating to effective interventions.

Achieving impact:

The Interventions programme capitalises on commissioned calls, priority setting information and other opportunities in pursuing impact on practice with research undertaken. The following criteria are used to ensure maximum impact:

  • selecting high impact areas
  • within NMAHP domains
  • with potential for future implementation
  • with high patient priority
  • relevant to policy
  • value for money
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