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Quality and Delivery of Care Programme

This programme focuses on identifying problems and variation in quality and delivery of care and understanding why they occur. It concerns understanding the behavioural (patient and practitioner) and organisational influences on care delivery and uptake of best practice. It also researches the implementation and translation of evidence-based solutions into practice, along with further examination of models of delivery of care.

This includes exploring: who delivers care; where and how it is delivered; who receives care; and what are the outcomes of care delivery. The processes by which professionals and patients make decisions about care are central elements of this programme, alongside the organisational context in which decisions are made and care is delivered. A key influence on the delivery of care is the recognised importance of the patient experience and patient involvement.

Strategic aims of the Programme

To enable safe, effective and patient centred changes to the delivery of care provided by NMAHPs by: 

  • Exploring and developing models of delivery (location, technology, staff skill mix)
  • Researching uptake and implementation of effective/evidence-based models of delivery (adoption, consistency of implementation, costs)
  • Exploring the processes by which patients and clinicians make decisions about care
  • Exploring patient experiences of quality and delivery of care, and uptake and adherence/concordance among patient groups (reach)
  • Exploring variation in outcomes (inequalities, inappropriate/avoidable admissions, mortality and adverse events) and maintenance of intervention outcomes
  • Developing theory and methods in implementation health research
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