ConDuCT-II Hub. Collaboration and innovation for difficult and complex randomised controlled trials in invasive procedures. Theme 2: integrative and dynamic research methods to optimise recruitment for RCTs. (Phase II)

Principal Investigator: University of Bristol

NMAHP Research Unit Collaborators: Professor Pat Hoddinott

External Collaborators: Hollingsworth W, Donovan J, Brookes ST, Welton N, Lane A, Higgins J, Noble S, Hollinghurst S, Metcalfe C, Sterne J, Thom J, Campbell R, Tilling K, O’Cathain A, Heawood A, Mills N, Montgomery AA, Peters T, Wiles N, Macefield R, Rogers C, Cook JA, Huxtable R, Avery K, Savovic J, Salisbury C

Funder: Medical Research Council