Developing meta-ethnography reporting guidelines and standards for research (eMERGE)

The aim of the eMERGe project is  to develop a guideline to improve the way researchers report meta-ethnographies. This NIHR funded project involves several stages to develop and refine the guideline, including a systematic literature review of methodology papers which describe how researchers should be reporting meta-ethnographies; an audit of the content of high and low quality published meta-ethnographies; and a Delphi study to bring together the views of meta-ethnography experts and people who use research evidence to agree the content of the guideline.

Principal Investigator: Dr Emma France

NMAHP Research Unit Collaborators: Dr Edward DuncanProfessor Margaret MaxwellDr Margaret Cunningham, Dr Isabelle Uny

External Collaborators: Jepson R - University of Edinburgh, Noyes J - Bangor University, Ring N - University of Stirling, Turley R - Cardiff University.

Funder: NIHR


France, E. F., Ring, N., Noyes, J., Maxwell, M., Jepson, R., Duncan, E., Turley, R., Jones, D., & Uny, I. (2015). Protocol-developing meta-ethnography reporting guidelines (eMERGe). BMC medical research methodology15(1), 103.