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PhD and Postgraduate Opportunities

The NMAHP Research Unit is a vibrant, multi-disciplinary environment in which to undertake your PhD. The Unit is hosted across two Universities, Glasgow Caledonian University and University of Stirling, offering students a choice of two strong institutions in which to base themselves. PhD by research and professional doctorate programmes are offered at each. Both universities were top in Scotland for their respective areas of research (NMAHP and nursing) in the recent Research Assessment Exercise.

The topic for your PhD would need to connect with one or more of the current programmes of work within the Unit. Given the breadth of current Unit work (stroke, urogenital disorders, mental health and decision making), many areas of study can easily be accommodated.

Student Requirements
Unit PhD students would already have a first degree in a relevant health or methodological area. Evidence of ability to work at doctoral level will be required, for example, undertaking, or making a major contribution to, a significant piece of research to completion. Evidence of commitment, enthusiasm and intellectual understanding relating to the chosen topic should be provided. Alternatively, students may decide to register for a Masters by research.

Currently 19 members of Unit staff are doctorally qualified and are able to supervise PhD students, providing a large pool of potential supervision team members. In addition, we are keen for teams to include both external and clinical supervisors as required to give the student the best support possible.

There are three main ways in which to get funding for your PhD:

  • Doctoral Fellowship Funding (e.g. as offered by Chief Scientist Office) Many funding bodies and professional organisations offer support for doctoral studies. It is useful for potential students to investigate what funding is available relevant to their profession and area of research interest. We can work with you to prepare an application to seek support for your PhD.
  • Self Funding Students can choose to fund their studies themselves, and we can provide information about the level of fees for each university.
  • Project Grant Funding - Project grants awarded often contain funding for a research assistant or fellow. The appointed member of staff may consider the option of registering for a PhD based on the work being undertaken within the project.

Who to Contact
If you are interested in considering post-graduate research within the Unit, please contact one of the Programme Directors: Professor Margaret Maxwell or Professor Suzanne Hagen, to discuss your ideas.