Developing a Behavioural Intervention to increase CPR Performance (The BICeP Study)


Many people are trained in how to perform CPR but even amongst those trained, less than half actually attempt it when they come across someone in cardiac arrest. We know some of the reasons for this (e.g. fear of doing harm and lack of confidence). This project aims to make people feel more confident and willing to attempt CPR. We will do this by developing a series of text messages, which will contain techniques designed to help people perform particular behaviours. The text-messages will be sent as a follow-on to standard CPR training.


We are currently recruiting for the first stage of our study and are inviting members of the public who have had training in CPR (however long ago!) to take part in a focus group.

If you are interested in getting further information or participating in the study please contact a member of the research team.

Principal Investigator: Dr Barbara Farquharson, NMHAP-Research Unit, University of Stirling.
Telephone: 01786 467716 or Email:

Research Fellow: Claire Torrens, NMAHP-Research Unit, University of Stirling.
Telephone: 01786 466457 or Email:

This study is funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC)